Terms and Conditions  

  • All commissions are personal, non-commercial/non-profit and for intended use only
    (This means, you cannot use my artwork on merchandise for resale or sell the artwork itself. )
  • Payment must be made via Paypal only
  • Full Payment is required. All prices are in Euro's
    We can negotiate about the pricing, but only before I start drawing

  • I reserve my rights to modify all commissions for advertisement purposes 
  • If you post or use the commission anywhere, please credit and link to either my twitter @injihousho and/or my website missinji.com
  • I reserve all rights to my artwork. Please do not alter my artwork without my permission
  • Commissions are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • I will always have the right to decline any commissions that I don't feel comfortable with.

  • I'm not responsible if the illustration gets rejected.
    Once the final product is sent, I will not make any further alterations. 

I will not continue the work until the sketches are approved, so if you take longer than 24 hours to approve the sketch, please understand that my completion time will also take longer. 

Commission Process 

  1. Please contact me through Email, Discord, or Twitter.
  2. Commission will be discussed, and accepted or denied.
  3. Once accepted you will be added to the waiting list 
  4. When its your turn you get a heads up from me and the invoice will be sent.
    The invoice needs to be paid in full before I start sketching
  5. Sketches will be provided and changes are made to the sketch if necessary
  6. After the sketches have been accepted by you. I'll continue with the commission.
    There will be no more big changes made to the commission from this point on
  7. When your commission is done we do our final check on the commission and if everything is fine. Ill send the files through Email or Discord

Thank you so much for supporting me!!